👋🏼 Hi, my name is Jordan. I'm a software engineer based in Vancouver, BC.

Things I Do

🌊Flow • Open Worlds

Flow is a fast, secure, and developer-friendly blockchain built to support the next generation of games, apps, and digital assets. It implements a multi-node architecture to separate consensus concerns from compute, enabling high performance without sacrificing decentralization.

👾Dapper • Smart Contract Wallet

Dapper is a wallet built using smart contract technology. It makes accessing blockchain experiences easier and more secure by leveraging a unique smart contract design that enables fraud prevention, intelligent transaction fee management, and account recovery.

Things I Have Done

📖Designing Dapper • Deep Dive

Designing Dapper is a blog post describing the technical decisions that enable many of Dapper's features while improving upon the security of existing wallets.

🐈CryptoKitties • Meow

CryptoKitties is the world's furriest blockchain experience. It defined the standard for non-fungible tokens and created a bustling cat-centred economy with over $25M in peer-to-peer transactions. I built the smart contracts for the P2P auction system, among other things. CrypoKitties has been covered in the BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and many others.

🏙ETHNewYork • Tech Talk

ETHNewYork is a Ethereum hackathon in Brooklyn, NYC. I presented a tech talk about the open source smart contract architecture underlying Dapper. I discussed the authorization system, which enables multi-device 2FA and arbitrary on-chain or off-chain transaction validation, as well as the recovery system, which enables regaining access to Dapper in the case that all devices are lost or compromised.

🚀UBC Launch Pad • Makin' techs

Launch Pad is UBC's largest student-run software engineering club. After spending some time as a member working on several projects, I moved to the executive team to focus more on fund-raising, event-planning, and the club's structure and processes. Some cool projects we've built since then include a speaker diarization API, a self-hosted continuous deployment tool, and a collaborative Etch-a-Sketch.

📽TEDxUBC • Feline Discussions

TEDxUBC is an independently organized TED event. I gave a talk titled Cat Ownership in the 21st Century about the story of CryptoKitties. I discussed how blockchain technology can be used to solve problems of digital ownership, create new asset classes, and incentivize more open digital spaces.

🔨ETHWaterloo • BUIDL

ETHWaterloo was the world's largest Ethereum hackathon, with over 400 participants. My team was one of 8 winners with Rufflet, a Mixpanel-style analytics tool for smart contracts. At the same time we were polishing off the beta version of CryptoKitties and releasing it for the hackers at ETHWaterloo to play with.

🤖Rocket • Bleep bloop

Rocket is a Slack bot I built to help with onboarding and project management at Launch Pad. New members add their information by talking to Rocket in Slack. From there, Rocket automatically updates our website roster, adds members to our GitHub organization, and allows team leads to manage access to our various resources.

💸Cumulus • Blockchain

Cumulus is an open-source cryptocurrency implementation modelled after Bitcoin and Ethereum that I built with a group of friends at Launch Pad. Everything from the blockchain, peer-to-peer networking, and consensus was built from the ground up.

✉️Guerrilla • Open Source

Guerrilla is an open-source, extensible SMTP mail server written in Go. My main contribution was implementing an analytics dashboard for monitoring mail traffic.

📰The Ubyssey • Since 1918

The Ubyssey is UBC's student newspaper and the largest student newspaper in Western Canada. While working there I contributed to Dispatch, the open-source publishing platform that powers ubyssey.ca.


You can find most of my open-source and personal work on GitHub. I'm also on LinkedIn. Or get in touch by filling out the form below 👇